Updates and apologies!

It’s come to my attention that, despite my best efforts, there are indeed a few typos in the first editions of Hard Drop. I am working through the document now and am uploading the updated manuscript to Amazon as I go.

Given that Amazon does not support updates to purchased items through its system, I want to offer the final, triple-checked version of the book to clients who’d like a clean copy.

To that end, get in touch with me through this site or at will.vandervaart@gmail.com, either with a screengrab of your Amazon receipt (excluding any sensitive bits) OR if you’ve caught a typo from Chapter 3 onwards and want to tell me about it, and I will add you to the list and send you a .pdf or mobi file of the finished, clean document.

Apologies, again – happy reading, and for those of you in the USA, Happy Memorial Day!

May the Fourth…

…Bring you free science fiction.

As promised in the countdown banner, the day of free science fiction has arrived – and what a coincedence! It’s May the 4th.

For today only, grab your Hard Drop and Old Fool’s Errand completely free!

Enjoy, and do please leave reviews, either on Amazon or on Goodreads (or both!)