Quick update on After the Storm

It’s been a while (nearly a year) since my last update, so with some prodding (thank you!) I wanted to take the opportunity to check in.

Lots has changed since March 2015 – I’ve changed day jobs, moved across the Pacific, and have reworked some longer-term arcs for further Hard Drop sequels (and potentially prequels) that required slowing down a little on the After the Storm process.

The good news is that, going forwards, the process should be a bit more streamlined.

After the Storm is coming together nicely. I’m aware of the shortcomings of various elements of the first novel (proofreading and some scientific elements in particular), and am taking some time to ensure that these are addressed in this and future sequels.

There will be a proofreading update to the first novel, which I am also working on and will figure out how to circulate to those of you who have already purchased it (as Amazon doesn’t make that easy). I will keep you updated on the progress there.

In the meantime, thanks very much for your support, and I look forward to exploring more Hard Drop with you!


Hard Drop Sequel: After the Storm First Draft complete!

Dear readers –

On a quick, more personal note, some great news today on the writing front: following a hiatus of some length, the sequel to Hard Drop, working title After the Storm, is now complete.

This does not mean that the title is available for pre-order just yet, but it does mean that more Hard Drop is not too far away. Stay tuned for updates on the edit and polishing process, and I look forward to continuing the story with you soon!

Further Hard Drop on its way!

For those of you asking for additional material, there is indeed more on the way. I’m putting together the second book in the series, titled Hard Drop: After the Storm. As we speak. I’m past the rough outlining stage and in the portion of my writing cycle where I’m itching to get pen to paper, so you can expect things to accelerate in a hurry.

But, if you can’t wait that long, there will likely be a few short novellas to catch you up on the origin stories of some of the crew (departed and otherwise) from the first novel.

Specifically, the plan is to write both sequels in prequels, likely first the sequel, then a prequel with the previous characters, so you learn a bit more about the story and the backgrounds as we go (as do I!).

In the meantime, would love your comments – come find me on Twitter (vandervaartwill) or on Facebook at the Hard Drop page, or drop me a line on Gmail. I’m also on Reddit occasionally, although in the interest of actually putting metaphorical pen to paper I’m trying to keep that to a minimum right now.