Hard Drop

Hard Drop, the first book in the Tyco Hale/Hard Drop series, is a high-octane, fast moving chronicle of the Orbital Tactical Legion:

An elite unit of high-altitude drop troops is deployed on a world engulfed in a brutal civil war. Their objective is classified, marked only by coordinates leading them into a deserted city at the heart of the fighting.

From the beginning, everything possible goes wrong. A missile strike rocks the carrier mid-launch, and only a fraction of the unit reaches the surface alive.

Outmanned, outgunned, and scattered, with a hard deadline to orbital bombardment looming, it is up to Drop Commander Tyco Hale to rally his troops and reach their objective. But what they find, hidden deep in the tunneled passages under the city, will change everything about what he fights for and what he believes in. With the unit in tatters and loyalties divided, the choice he makes in the dark will seal all of their fates – and much more besides.

The ebook is available on a variety of platforms:





And is also available in the iBooks store and several other retailers through Smashwords.


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