Updates and apologies!

It’s come to my attention that, despite my best efforts, there are indeed a few typos in the first editions of Hard Drop. I am working through the document now and am uploading the updated manuscript to Amazon as I go.

Given that Amazon does not support updates to purchased items through its system, I want to offer the final, triple-checked version of the book to clients who’d like a clean copy.

To that end, get in touch with me through this site or at will.vandervaart@gmail.com, either with a screengrab of your Amazon receipt (excluding any sensitive bits) OR if you’ve caught a typo from Chapter 3 onwards and want to tell me about it, and I will add you to the list and send you a .pdf or mobi file of the finished, clean document.

Apologies, again – happy reading, and for those of you in the USA, Happy Memorial Day!

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