The great joy of infinite universes (aka better living through pseudoscience)

While I am undecided on the concept of the existence of infinte potential universes, with infinte potential possibilities (including the exact duplication of our present universe), I am far from apathetic on the subjecct.

Specifically, for me, there is a tremendous joy in knowing that, on days when things are not going particularly well, there is another universe where, for instance, I can dunk, and shred on the guitar, and in which the Netherlands have not only won a World Cup, but in fact have won every single World Cup.

Of course, there is also the downside scenario, of the universe in which I am already dead, or am dirt-poor, or where I am a Duke fan (perish the thought). But of course, this has its own upside: my reality is better than that one, so I appreciate it more.

Put simply, the infinite universes concept represents a call option (that is, an option which gives you the right to buy a good) on reality: either the alternate universe is better than my own, in which case I’m happy for other me (and, to compelete the analogy, I ‘call’ or buy that alternate reality), or it isn’t, and I appreciate what I have.


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